Rally on Capitol Hill: PEARL joined with U.S. Campaign for Burma

Community members, students and human rights activists from around the country

To commemorate the 25th year anniversary of the 1983 pogrom in Sri Lanka where over 3,000 Tamil civilians were murdered, as well as the 20th anniversary of the "8888 Uprising" in Burma where thousands of innocent protesters were killed, PEARL organized its first national rally ever! In conjunction with US Campaign for Burma (USCB), PEARL opposed China's military funding of the governments of Sri Lanka and Burma, which commit grave human rights violations against ethnic minorities. The day of the rally, there were visits with members of Congress on Capitol Hill to highlight China's role in fueling the human rights crises in Sri Lanka and Burma.

When: July 24, 2008
9 - 11:30am: Capitol Hill Lobby Visits
12 - 3pm: Rally with USCB
3 - 5pm: Black July Vigil

Where: Please take note that the location of the Black July Rally has been changed from the West Lawn of the Capitol Building to:
Please see the attached map for details

View the 6/18/08 Press Release(pdf)

View the 7/9/08 Press Release(pdf)

Contact: Ahilan Sivaganesan at asivaganesan@pearlaction.org

To preserve and safeguard the memory of the events of Black July, PEARL is working to collect testimonials from survivors. If you experienced Black July and are able to share details of what you witnessed, please contact Valli Sanmugalingam at vsanmugalingam@pearlaction.org. PEARL will respect your confidentiality if you prefer to contribute your story anonymously.

Pictures from the Rally