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Red Cross ‘incites S Lanka panic’

Saturday, February 7th, 2009


The Sri Lankan government has accused the Red Cross of inciting panic over the military operation against Tamil Tiger rebels in the north. A spokesman said the ICRC had ordered 35,000 body bags for the battle zone to create what he called a fear psychosis among the international community. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed a routine order of body bags but nowhere near that number. It said its office in Colombo had been attacked by protesters. Meanwhile the army says it is closing in on remaining Tamil Tiger positions, confining them to an area of about 200 sq km (124 sq miles).

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Sri Lanka rejects international call for ceasefire with Tamil Tigers

Thursday, February 5th, 2009


Sri Lanka snubbed the international community’s call for a ceasefire today, saying troops would not suspend their offensive against Tamil Tiger rebels despite reports of a growing civilian death toll. The government said it would offer a limited amnesty to rebel forces that were ready to lay down their arms as they were on the brink of defeat in their 25-year-old struggle for a Tamil homeland. But ministers refused to hold peace talks, saying they would accept nothing less than total surrender.

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