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UK: Halt Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

[Human Rights Watch]

The United Kingdom should suspend deportations of ethnic Tamil asylum seekers to Sri Lanka and immediately review its policies and information about the country’s rights situation used to assess their claims, Human Rights Watch said today. Research by Human Rights Watch has found that some returned Tamil asylum seekers from the United Kingdom have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and torture upon their return to Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka protests US report on human rights, saying it presents ‘distorted view’

Friday, March 14th, 2008


Sri Lanka summoned the U.S. ambassador on Friday to protest the latest U.S. State Department report on human rights, saying it presented a distorted and exaggerated view of the situation on the Indian Ocean island. The State Department’s 2007 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Sri Lanka cited government abuses including unlawful killings, abductions, arbitrary arrests and the denial of fair public trials. “The government’s respect for human rights continued to decline due in part to the escalation of the armed conflict,” the report said, referring to hostilities between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels.

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